best spirits, exquisite taste and the passion of peru

At THE INCA DISTILLERY in the heart of Lima we produce craft spirits of highest quality, paying attention to every detail of our work, using the best Peruvian botanicals and extraordinary fruits of the Amazonian lowlands combined with the most advanced engineering and know-how from Germany.

We are the only distillery in Peru specialized in genuine PREMIUM spirits, thoroughly designed in small batches from the very beginning to the ultimate finalisation by our creative team of enthusiastic distillers. We are passionately dedicated to our work and we do believe that natural products of outstanding quality can not be manufactured in large-scale production, but require the careful manual surveillance of committed people for their utmost perfection. Therefore, in order to fulfill our own high quality standards, the maximum amount produced per batch does never exceed 150 bottles per distillation.

Coming from different backgrounds, countries and professional experiences our feverish excitement for good spirits brought us together. Being perfectionists in our former jobs as expert in business administration, architect and medical doctor, we turned our passion into profession and joined forces to create a unique and highly exclusive spirit brand. But most of all: we are friends, sharing the same ideals, inspirations and visions about a Craft Spirit Revolution and a responsible next generation drinking culture.
Drink less. Drink better. Drink craft spirits.

We have the profound knowledge, distinct botanicals nowhere else to be found and the cutting-edge technology to create some of the best spirits in the world. Our aim is to add exciting new tastes to the diversified mixology and wonderful cuisine of Peru and to contribute, within the scope of our ability, to the continuous development of the exquisite Peruvian eating and drinking culture. But we also want to share our inspiring products with people from all over the world and bring the taste of Peru to other nations.



friends & partners

We are young entrepreneurs and absolutely passionate about what we do. Overall we are friends and we join in this wonderful project with the aim of developing with attention to detail and perfection Peruvian high-quality spirits.


brand manager

Our challenge is to make known the enormous botanical richness of Peru, developing new and unknown spirits of the highest quality.


master distiller

With creativity, passion, reading and a lot of imagination, we create unique spirits and a new concept of urban distillery.



Peru is a unique and unexplored botanical garden hiding marvelous aromas and flavors for our exotic spirits.


the artisan

Only in beauty we find peace and that´s exactly what we do. We just put the talent and the energy to create exceptional spirits.


coast, mountains and jungle

Our country is the result of a huge melting-pot of different cultures throughout its history. From the ancient pre-Colombian cultures to the great Inca civilization, from the Spanish colonialism to the independence of Peru and the creation of a modern state, from indigenous people to multicultural immigrants from Europe to Asia: The resulting diversity of this blending in of cultural identities, traditions and conceptions is not only reflected in all aspects of our daily life, but also in our tremendous gastronomic plurality.

In combination with the incredible richness of our nature and its strong environmental contrasts, from the desert coast, to the vertiginous heights of the Andes down to fertile luscious green of the Amazonian lowlands, this creates a veritable cornucopia of gustatory delights.

We are deeply convinced that our land of plenty is a unique source to bring astonishingly new spirits into being that reflect the complex history and geography of our country. Our ambitious aim is to distill, purify and bottle the spirit of Peru.

It goes without saying that the philosophy of THE INCA DISTILLERY implies the careful selection of the best natural ingredients with the most intense and spectacular flavors and the thorough investigation of their potencies and capacities. We explicitly refuse to add artificial flavoring, coloring or sweetener to our products to prevent an overlap of our natural essences.

In our efforts to support the local community near our distillery in the suburbs of Lima, all ingredients mainly harvested by hand come from small local producers. The close cooperation with native Peruvian people living around us, their profound knowledge and craftsmanship, are a constant source of inspiration for us.